How can accidents be prevented?

While there is no way to completely eliminate accidents, there are certain plans, preparations, and actions that can be taken to reduce them. Look around and identify workplace hazards that could cause harm Look for ways to reduce or eliminate hazards and implement them. More than 90% of car accidents can be prevented. By following the speed limit, focusing on driving, stopping at stop signs and red lights, and avoiding the temptation to drink and drive, you can make roads a safer place.

Even a modest reduction in speed helps reduce both the number and severity of accidents; for example, pedestrians struck at speeds below 30 mph receive mostly survivalable injuries, but this changes to mostly fatal injuries at speeds between 30 mph and 40 mph. Tips can be found under the headings “Safety Tips for Caregivers of Young Children”, “Preventing Accidents at Home” and “Traffic Accident Prevention Tips” below.