How long does it take to settle a pedestrian accident?

As a result, pedestrian accident agreements can take anywhere from a few months to years to resolve. Pedestrians have a duty not to stand in front of moving vehicles and should give drivers even more space to operate their vehicle safely when there are poor road conditions. Sometimes, these situations result in accidents that mean that both parties are partially at fault for the accident; however, if you, as a pedestrian, are less than 50% at fault for the accident, you can still seek compensation for any damage incurred when filing a pedestrian accident lawsuit. The most common cause of pedestrian accidents is driver negligence.

Which means that the driver was not paying attention while driving, driving drunk, driving distracted, or disobeying traffic laws. Vehicle malfunctions and poor road conditions can also be a major factor in pedestrian accidents, such as swerving to miss a pothole and crashing into someone or icy roads that cause a driver to slide into a pedestrian at a crosswalk. If you are a pedestrian involved in an accident, there are many factors that determine how long it takes to resolve your case. Some of those factors are your injuries, your physical injuries, your mental injuries, how long you need treatment, how long you are disabled, if you are, what permanent injuries you have.

Check for pedestrians on the road when turning left or right in your vehicle, as this is one of the most common times when accidents occur, especially at night. It's certainly tempting to accept the first settlement offer you receive after a pedestrian accident. Ignoring the sign of walking at an intersection and jumping in front of a vehicle are two examples of pedestrian negligence that can contribute to an accident. This leads to serious accidents that can leave the pedestrian with catastrophic injuries, so here are some tips to avoid these types of situations.

We will seek a settlement or judgment on your behalf based on the damage you suffered from a pedestrian accident. If you or a loved one has suffered an injury in a pedestrian accident caused by the actions of another driver, you should be able to recover compensation for your losses. When a pedestrian is at a traffic light and the “Do Not Walk” sign is illuminated, pedestrians should stay on sidewalks and off the road, as drivers have a right of way at that time. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) explains the serious health consequences of pedestrian accidents.

In Colorado Springs, you have a limited amount of time to file a lawsuit when you are involved in a pedestrian accident. All drivers should be careful to avoid collisions with pedestrians on roads, however, pedestrians should also obey traffic control devices and signs applicable at that time, unless a police officer specifically instructs otherwise. However, no matter how long your pedestrian accident settlement takes, our firm will look for a positive outcome. If The General Insurance denied your pedestrian accident claim, you may still have options to seek the compensation you need for your injuries and damages.

You have three years to file a lawsuit after a pedestrian accident involving a motor vehicle in Colorado.