What are 3 ways pedestrians can be safer?

If there is no sidewalk, walk in front of traffic and as far away from traffic as possible. Cross streets at crosswalks or intersections. Look for cars in all directions, including those that turn left or right. What should a pedestrian do? Anticipate that a driver could run a red light.

Look around before entering the road, even when a light turns green or the walking sign appears. Check the direction in which cars can arrive and make sure that approaching drivers see you. What should a pedestrian do? Check for cars before you leave and make sure the drivers see you. What should a pedestrian do? As you cross, when you get to the end of the first car, stop and see if another car approaches.

If so, can that driver see you? Does that driver have enough time to stop for you? Otherwise, allow the vehicle to pass before continuing. What should a pedestrian do? If you haven't started crossing and the “Don't Walk” sign flashes, wait until the next walking sign starts. If you're crossing and the sign starts flashing “Don't walk, keep crossing the street. If the sign doesn't provide enough time to cross safely, the city's transportation department should know.

What should a pedestrian do? When possible, choose a route that doesn't require walking behind cars. Look for brake lights and listen for engine noise and other signs that a car is about to move. Observe large parked vehicles that can block the view of smaller vehicles when backing up and look for vehicles backing up at entrances. What should a pedestrian do? Make eye contact with the oncoming driver.

That's the safest way to get the driver's attention. Dress to be visible by wearing light, bright clothing with retroreflective markings and wear a flashlight or other lighting when walking at dusk and in the dark. This is when a pedestrian can be the hardest thing for a driver to see or wait for and there is also less time for the pedestrian to react. The Pedestrian Fast Facts provides the most recent statistics and rates of injuries and deaths involving child pedestrians.