What are the main ways to prevent an accident?

Preventing accidents is easy when you know what to do, develop the right attitude about driving. Do as many supervised driving practices as possible. Alcohol and drug use by minors is illegal. For starters, keep it slow and safe.

We hope that our top 20 causes of car accidents can be your guide to lifelong car accident prevention. Weather conditions can be an important factor in car accidents. Rain is one of the most common causes no matter where you live and it's important to pay more attention and be cautious. Rain creates slippery and hazardous surfaces for cars, trucks and motorcycles and often causes cars to spin out of control or skid when braking.

To avoid a car accident, drive very carefully when it rains. Many drivers are impatient and this can lead to driving too close to another car that they cannot react in time if the car in front of them suddenly brakes. You should always allow a length of a car between the car in front of you for every 10 mph you drive. Many fatal car accidents have occurred when a driver dangerously follows another driver at high speeds and cannot stop in time when the taillights come on.

By following another angry driver or speeding past another driver just to get in front of him and brake, many unnecessary car accidents occur every year. If you encounter a road rage, the best thing to do is to get out of the way and not recognize his actions. Help prevent rear-end collisions by considering the distance between your car and others on the road. The best way to avoid injury is to avoid a crash in the first place.

The more aware you are of your environment and of the actions of other drivers, the less likely you are to be involved in an accident. If a mobile phone, radio, or even conversations with passengers distract you behind the wheel, you put yourself and others in danger.