What happens when a human is hit by a car?

Exchange contact and insurance information with the driver who hit you. If the driver of the car is not the owner of the car, also obtain the owner's contact and insurance information. The collarbone, which is quite fragile, is one of the first parts of the upper body that can be injured in a crash, since the seat belt is located in front of it. At this point, your left or right collarbone may break, depending on which side of the car you're sitting on.

If it's a high-speed car accident, the ribs can also break from impact. Because ribs protect the lungs, the chances of a lung collapsing increase dramatically. In addition, the heart is driven forward with the rest of the torso and can hit the chest aisle and ribs, causing bruising of the heart. This can lead to heavy blood loss or even instant death.

Discs between the spine can also suffer trauma and herniated discs from whiplash and the impact of the car accident. Although the number of deaths from car accidents that hit people is increasing, not all accidents involving a pedestrian result in a death. JacksonWhite strongly recommends that you call an automotive pedestrian lawyer before engaging in any conversation other than exchanging insurance information.