What pedestrians are most at risk?

The side of the road has proven to be one of the most dangerous areas for pedestrians. Drivers may not pay enough attention to the roadsides and may therefore completely overlook that there is a pedestrian there. A mistake or a turn could easily cause a collision. On top of that, there are no signs or markers that tell drivers to be careful, unlike what happens with a crosswalk or intersection.

Therefore, drivers are more likely to go at a faster speed, making a pedestrian accident along the road even more devastating.

Pedestrian accidents

often result in devastating injuries for victims. Unfortunately, such incidents are not uncommon in and around this area. According to the California Bureau of Highway Safety, there were 893 deaths from pedestrian accidents and more than 14,000 injuries from pedestrian accidents during the past year reported statewide.

Here, we want to look at which pedestrians are most at risk of serious injury in a vehicle accident. Vehicle speed is also a big factor, but if you were hit by a car, you probably have no idea how fast the car was going; Los Angeles pedestrian accident lawyers can get this information and use it for you. To support these findings, 60 percent of fatal pedestrian accidents involved a driver who was going 40 mph or higher. This lack of respect for others can result in serious pedestrian car accidents that can cause serious injury or even death.

The Department of Transportation would initiate the first National Road Safety Strategy to identify measures to save lives and prevent pedestrian accidents. Accidents at intersections between vehicles are incredibly common; however, it's surprisingly not the most dangerous place for pedestrians. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, most pedestrian accidents don't happen at intersections. While drivers and pedestrians on the same road can be a dangerous combination, the fact is that drivers have a responsibility to drive safely in a way that avoids injury to anyone else on the road, including pedestrians.

Even the most careful pedestrian can be involved in a car accident if there are other factors contributing to the situation. While it's good for disabled pedestrians to walk rather than drive, they are still at risk of causing an accident. Cars must have their headlights on to avoid an accident and pedestrians should try to make themselves visible. But at Tenge Law Firm, LLC, we understand how devastating these accidents can be and believe that pedestrians deserve full and fair compensation when injured by negligent drivers.

The following statistics can only give some indication of the seriousness of the problem of pedestrian traffic accidents in the United States. Now that you know which pedestrians are most at risk, you can find out what these risk factors may mean for your pedestrian injury claim. Slowing down for crosswalks gives you a better chance of stopping for pedestrians entering the road or allowing ample time for older pedestrians to exit the crosswalk. Unfortunately, with the increase in the number of out-of-town people walking and driving on city streets, there is a greater risk of pedestrian accidents and injuries.