Where do you see the most pedestrians?

Most fatal pedestrian accidents occur in urban areas on road segments that are not intersections, but these crashes are common in many areas. Pedestrians in Florida are considered to be the largest group of road users who are the most vulnerable. However, there are ways that pedestrians can improve their safety and reduce their chances of having an accident on Fruitville Road. By knowing when, where, and what conditions cause pedestrian accidents, you may be able to reduce your accident risk.

While this information may not prevent you from walking for pleasure, exercising, or going to work, it can make you think twice about the dangers of walking between certain times and in darkness, fog, or rain. For example, if you walk or run outdoors before work or get up early for work, you may be walking before there is enough light. Also, if you walk home after work at night, you may be walking when lighting conditions are poor. Especially in winter, when there are shorter days, pedestrians are at risk of being hit by drivers who cannot see them.